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file icon Codrington College - A brief history - By John W. Holderhot!
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file icon The Canterbury Projecthot!

The Project Canterbury - Codrington College, Barbados - By W. T. Webb - Principal (1)

Among the wants of a new colonial diocese that soon make themselves felt may be mentioned a theological college. It is not only required for training clergy, but for keeping up through its professors a certain standard of theological and other learning, which are sorely needed where there is as a rule only one pastor, and that a hard-worked one, to a flock, with no supernumeraries. It is, or ought to be, the good fortune of the West Indian dioceses to possess an institution of this kind, the endowment of which dates from the beginning of the last century. That institution is Codrington College...

(1)  From Mission Life (periodical), Vol. V (1874), pp. 206-213.  Transcribed by the Right Reverend Dr. Terry Brown, Bishop of Malaita, Church of the Province of Melanesia, 2006


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file icon The Codrington Consensushot!
The Codrington Consensus: Agreed Statement from the Conference on Afro-Anglicanism June 17-22, 1985.

We are two hundred Anglicans, clergy and lay, from seventeen countries and  representing ive continents and a plurality of cultures, who all acknowledge a common ancestry in themotherland of Africa. We gather at a time when there appears to be little to celebrate, ittle to hope for. We gather at a time when many in the world are indeed the brokenvictims of hunger and famine, starvation and drought, racial and political repression.There are systems of oppression in the world which rob our brothers and sisters of their uman integrity and dignity. There is the evil of apartheid in Azania (or South Africa) bywhich black people are being forcibly removed from their ancestral soil, and under which heir rights of participation in the social and political processes of their own nation havebeen brutally denied. There is the amassing and stockpiling of nuclear arms and other nstruments of death, which are threatening to destroy us all...
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