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Good Shepherd Sunday

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Vision 2020 is a part of a larger vision which the Codrington Trust and Codrington College are together unfolding.  Vision 2020 is intended to first of all reconnect the Alumni to the College, for…

Symposium on Spirituality

Are you a seeker? Explore Spirituality as a lived experience.
If you want to take this path you can PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE HERE
For more details contact:
Mrs. Michelle…

The Redevelopment Of The Codrington Estate: Campus Master Plan

The Codrington Estate and Codrington College are considered to be among the most significant and attractive locations in Barbados.  Both the Estate and the College have tremendous potential as a multi-faceted…

New head looking to draw youth

NEW PRINCIPAL of Codrington College, Reverend Dr Michael Clarke, says the Anglican Church has a role to play in addressing the state of affairs in Barbados.
At his installation ceremony at the college…

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The student is required to choose a minimum of seven (7) courses according to the options below:


1. THEO1010 Introduction to New Testament Greek
2-3. Any two (2) of the following:
THEO1115 History of the Early Church to the Medieval Period: The 1st to 15th Century
THEO1203 Fundamentals of Christian Ministry
THEO1220 Introduction to Spirituality & Christian Worship


4-5. Any two (2) of the following:
THEO2115 History of the Church from the Reformation to the Present
THEO2203 Pastoral Care and Counselling
THEO2228 Baptism and the Eucharist


6-7. Any two (2) of the following:
THEO3110 History of the Caribbean Church 1492 to Present
THEO3208 Theory and Practice of Ecumenism
THEO3210 Field Education
THEO3213 Other Sacramental Rites
THEO3214 Ascetical Theology
THEO3215 Christian Education - Concepts & Praxis