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Caribbean Hymnody Depository


Make an Online Submission




Writer(s)/composer(s) of the piece(s) are asked to provide a short biography along with a writeup on what inspired them to produce such.

You may also submit any files (PDF, MP4, MP3) of the Work


Authorization of Submitter

Submitter confirms that he/she is duly authorized to make the submission for use by the Codrington College Library.

Submitter confirms that Codrington College is duly authorized to re-format the recording for use in the Library and for Archival purposes.


Release Agreement


By providing your information, signing this release, and sending your music to Codrington College Music Repository, you agree to the following:


All music provided may be played royalty free by Codrington College, any Church or any affiliate of Codrington College, or authorized rebroadcasts.


You grant permission to Codrington College to make backup copy of all music supplied.


As the copyright holder/Authorized person I have read, understand, and agree to all the terms and conditions of this Submission Agreement.