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Codrington College is speedily approaching another milestone in its long history. This milestone, as fate would have it, occurs in 2020. This number is often associated with clear or perfect vision. On this occasion the College will be 275 years. In a real sense any institution that can survive that length of time should have a clear vision for its existence. Codrington College has served this region exceptionally well. It has tended to focus on being small but thorough. We have not been able to break into the model of mass production which as we witness in our world gives precedence to numbers over quality and thought. Yet, this remains a challenge in our world as we prefer quick and inexpensive mass production.

As we move towards this milestone, we trust that we can continue to stay focus and deliver to the world the high quality and broad thinking priests, primarily, that this world needs. As science and technology dig deeper to bring out new truths, there needs to be an even greater effort in the realm of the Divine exploration to bring out even greater truths, truths that with our new understanding we can now bear.

Codrington College with its tranquil environment offers the world a place to journey inward and discover the undiscovered universe within. Our vision continues to be that souls are enriched and are living out the purpose for which they have been incarnated. Like the Master has said, “I have come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.”

The late Rev. David Mitchell raised my awareness as a student with respect to a Pauline phrase, “poor yet making many rich.” This is a phrase that has stuck with me and has come to take on various meanings over the years. As I lead this college at this time, I am mindful of the implications of this phrase and I hear in it a truth and I am reminded of the founder’s desire that those who remain in this community, scholars and professors, be under the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. As poor communities these islands of the Caribbean seemed to have had more wealth in the past than they do now that we are financially better off. There appears to be something priceless in being poor. It seems that in one’s poverty one is forced to look within and to give one’s heart, perhaps because the nature of the human is to give. “Silver and gold have I none, but what I have I give to you,” says Peter to the lame man.

In remaining this small institution with just enough, it gives us an opportunity to really look and begin to value what we have, to look into our treasure chest and to bring out the old and the new. The Anglican Church prides itself on the notion of the ancient and the modern. It is to this that we must look at this time. To bring out the old causes us to acknowledge the value of what was before and in doing so it sets the standard for anything that is created or employed to complement the old.

Codrington College will represent the old and with that presentation of all that is valuable we will carve the new and offer the two together for a world that is rootless. Marcus Garvey urging the African Diaspora to be aware of all that has contributed to who they are states, “a people without a knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

We will use what we have and we will present it to the world in new ways. We will look to the future and see with clarity a path for our institution. We will realise that we have all that we need for the journey, for God will provide for us along the way.  We ask your prayers and your support as God leads you, for you too, have been placed in our story to aid us as we seek to live out the Divine mandate to do good to all souls.

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