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Effective Friday, December 1st 2017, Codrington College re-introduced an Entrance Fee for visitors to the College compound to assist in recovering some of the cost of maintenance and preservation of our buildings and grounds, in particular, the gardens, lawns and public restrooms.


1.) Entry Charge: This allows persons to use the areas before the bridge, including the lawns lining the driveway, the play-park, picnic areas, the wood-side of the lake and parking.      


Single Vehicle

(Up to 5 persons)


(Up to 9 persons)

Vehicle with

10 or more persons

BDS$5 BDS$10 BDS$20



2.) Site Tour Fees: This allows persons to enter the facilities beyond the bridge to experience a self-guided historic, architectural or natural heritage tour. 



Tour of Heritage


Children under


Groups/Tour Coaches/

Professional Photoshoots

BDS$10/USD$5 BDS$2 Call 423-1170 for Bookings



Bulk re-sellers of visitor tickets will be allowed to purchase tickets at a discounted rate.

We will offer taxi and tour operators special arrangements.


For further information and bookings please visit our offices or call 423-1170

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