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Vision 2020 is a part of a larger vision which the Codrington Trust and Codrington College are together unfolding.  Vision 2020 is intended to first of all reconnect the Alumni to the College, for they can be found in almost every corner of the world and in almost every occupation and secondly to provide an endowment for the College to explore new avenues of training and research.  One of the areas that we are constantly being challenged about is that of the lack Caribbean Theology, what is unique about the way in which we as Caribbean people understand God and ourselves in the context of our response to God and the way in which these shape our worldview.

The Codrington Estate and Codrington College are considered to be among the most significant and attractive locations in Barbados.  Both the Estate and the College have tremendous potential as a multi-faceted asset which is ripe for maximization and which could be used to the optimum benefit of both Barbados and the wider Caribbean Region in the short, medium and long term.    

Several alternate development options were considered for the redevelopment of both the Codrington Estate and Codrington College from the perspectives of Land Use and the Environment, Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries, Tourism Development and Community Engagement.

NEW PRINCIPAL of Codrington College, Reverend Dr Michael Clarke, says the Anglican Church has a role to play in addressing the state of affairs in Barbados.

At his installation ceremony at the college Monday night, Clarke appealed for the help of others in the Anglican community to “plot the course of our church for the times to come”.

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