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g bannister smMeet our new Magistrate: Priest, lawyer, ex-cop Graveney Bannister. Which one will be the magistrate?Priest, lawyer, ex-police officer – it sounds to us that Graveney Bannister knows human failings and compassion (Priest), knows the law (Lawyer) and looks at everything with a hard-nosed cynicism (Police officer).

“I received training (for the) theological vocation in the Anglican Church at one of the oldest theological schools in the Western Hemisphere, Codrington College, Barbados,” he told The Royal Gazette. “I will maintain my day job and not be paid a stipend as a priest. It is a privilege to serve in the church and the wider community.”

Furthermore, Mr. Bannister has spent most of the last two decades away from Barbados so he is unlikely to be indebted or loyal to any political party or business group. Like our new Chief Justice Marston Gibson, it looks to us like Magistrate Bannister is as independent and untouched by corrupt power cartels as is possible in a small country like ours. Yup, Magistrate Bannister might be just what Barbados needs. Welcome back to Bim, Magistrate Bannister!

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