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Our school


Clarke, Michael  Rev'd Dr.  - Principal

B.A. (Theo); D.Min (Trinity Toronto)
Contact: (246) 416-8050; (246) 271-3637;


Sands, Kirkley Canon PhD - Dean of Faculty & Head of Academics

        Contact: (246) 416-8053; (246) 423-1147;


Watson, Von Rev'd Dr. - Warden

        Contact: (246) 416-8057;


Holder, John Most Rev'd Dr. - Scholar in Residence

          Contact: (246) 416-8058


Blackett, Vincent Harcourt, Rev'd - Part-time Lecturer

M.Phil, Ecumenics (Trinity, Dublin),
Subject taught:   Ecumenism
Contact: (246) 426-3510;


Burke, Noel, Rev'd Canon - Part-time Lecturer

B.A. (Theol.), M.A. (UWI), PhD Candidate (GTF)
Subject taught: Spirituality
Contact: (246) 427-1316; (246) 437-1801;


Ellis, Suzanne - Part-time Lecturer

B.A. (History & Law); Dip. Ed. (UWI); M.A. Theol.; M. Ed. (Mount St. Vincent)
Subject taught: Historical Studies
Contact: (246) 425-6716;


Gibson, Jeffrey, The Very Rev. Dr. - Part-time Lecturer  

B.A. Theol. (UWI), Th.M. (CTS GEORGIA).
Subject taught:   Ethics
Contact: (246) 437-4265;


Johnson, Luther, Rev'd - Part-time Lecturer

B. Sc. Mass Communication (TOW), B.A. (Theol.), PhD Candidate (UWI)
Subject taught: Church History
Contact: (246) 422-4740; (246) 424-2446


Layne, Winston, Dr.  -  Part-time Lecturer  

B.A., Theol. (UWI), S.T.M. (GTS, New York), D.Min. (Pittsburgh T.S.)
Subject taught:  Liturgics, Comparative Religion
Contact: (246) 421-6508;


Lashley, Marcus, Rev'd Dr. - Part-time Lecturer

B.A. (Hons), Dip.Th. (UWI); M.A., CPC (Li.I.Univ.); M.A., Ed.M.(Columbia Univ.); D.Min.(Hebrew Union College)
Subject taught: Pastoral Studies


Lynch, Eric, The Ven. - Part-time Lecturer  

B.A. Theol. (UWI), Th.M. (CTS, Georgia)
Subject taught: Christian Education; Philosophy; Systematic Theology
Contact: (246) 437-3676; (246) 426-2761;


O'Neale, Trevor, Rev'd - Part-time Lecturer

B.A. Theol., M.A. Theol. (UWI)
Subject taught: Historical Studies
Contact: (246) 423-3462;



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