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Academic Essays (Coursework Papers)

All students will be expected to write academic essays as part of the assessment of courses at Codrington College.

All academic work is expected to follow certain conventions in the use and presentation of citations, footnotes, bibliographies and references. Since these elements will appear in all academic essays, every student should learn to use the appropriate conventions. Coursework essays presented to the College may follow either the MLA or SBL format or the format found in the How to Write an Essay booklet that was prepared for students in Theology, and which will be provided for students during Orientation week or may be obtained from the College Secretary. Research papers and coursework for UWI MUST follow the MLA format. Please be consistent in whichever format you choose.  It is the student's responsibility to familiarize himself or herself with these formats and to write essays accordingly.  Please also see Student's Guidelines for the Preparation and Documentation of Essays from the FHE website -


Plagiarism of any sort and kind will not be accepted by the College.  It is the policy of the Faculty of Humanities and Education that essays/projects/research papers which show evidence of plagiarism will receive NO MARKS. 

(See the Guidelines for Submission of Coursework in the Handbook for the Faculty of Humanities and Education).

Definitions of plagiarism especially in academic essays (course work papers) and ways to avoid it can be found in the booklet entitled How to Write an Essay which will be provided for students during the orientation week and can be obtained from the Secretary.

All assignments and presentations must be submitted in hard copy as well as electronic format, preferably MS Word ‘.doc' or ‘.rtf' format or WordPerfect ‘.wpd' format. Submissions will be assessed for plagiarism, which, if positively identified, will incur a penalty. Submission after the stipulated deadline will be penalized. In addition, all candidates must prepare and engage in the weekly tutorial sessions.

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