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g bannister smMeet our new Magistrate: Priest, lawyer, ex-cop Graveney Bannister. Which one will be the magistrate?Priest, lawyer, ex-police officer – it sounds to us that Graveney Bannister knows human failings and compassion (Priest), knows the law (Lawyer) and looks at everything with a hard-nosed cynicism (Police officer).

“I received training (for the) theological vocation in the Anglican Church at one of the oldest theological schools in the Western Hemisphere, Codrington College, Barbados,” he told The Royal Gazette. “I will maintain my day job and not be paid a stipend as a priest. It is a privilege to serve in the church and the wider community.”

Furthermore, Mr. Bannister has spent most of the last two decades away from Barbados so he is unlikely to be indebted or loyal to any political party or business group. Like our new Chief Justice Marston Gibson, it looks to us like Magistrate Bannister is as independent and untouched by corrupt power cartels as is possible in a small country like ours. Yup, Magistrate Bannister might be just what Barbados needs. Welcome back to Bim, Magistrate Bannister!

p wrightRev. Canon Philip Wright to be the 14th Bishop of the Diocese of Belize in succession to the Rt. Rev. Sylvester Romero.  At age 38 Canon Wright is the youngest Bishop in the Province when he was consecrated on the 17th November 2005.

Canon Wright is a Belizean born in Belize City on 10th February 1967. His earliest education was in Anglican Schools at St. John's Infant and Primary and later at Wesley College and Belize Technical College.

After a couple of years as a high school teacher at Nazarene High School and the Belize Technical College, Canon Wright answered the call to the ordained ministry and commenced preparation in1989 at Codrington College (seminary) in Barbados from where he graduated in 1992. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology (Hons) and a Diploma in Ministerial Studies from the University of the West Indies and the degree of Master of Arts in Theology from the University of Birmingham in England.

Canon Wright was ordained in 1992 to the Sacred Order of Deacons and in 1993 to the Sacred Order of Priests. He has served the church in the pastoral and teaching ministries having taught at such Anglican institutions like Anglican Cathedral College, in various parishes and in several capacities and several Diocesan Committees. He is presently the Priest-in-Residence at St. Ann's Parish, Belmopan. He has also been for the past number of years the Director of the Anglican theological Institute, responsible for the training of individuals for leadership roles in the church and the ordained ministry.

c berkleyReverend Claude Berkley, the first Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago to come from Tobago, had been ordained a Deacon on August 8, 1992, then a priest on October 28, 1993. Elevated to the rank of Canon of the Cathedral Chapter in 2001, Canon Berkley was elected Coadjutor Bishop on October 23, 2010, and Consecrated Coadjutor Bishop on March 17, 2011. So that when Bishop Calvin Bess demitted office on December 17, 2011, the Coadjutor automatically became Bishop of the Diocese, having already been ordained and consecrated. His enthronement was simply the public recognition of his new post.

He entered Codrington College in 1989. He graduated in 1991 with a B.A. - TheologyHons., earning the Colin & Pearl Kirton Prize for Doctrine. In 1992, he obtained the Diploma in Pastoral Studies, taking the St. Catherine & St. Mark’s Prize for Preaching. He was ordained as a Deacon on August 6th 1992, and served at St Patrick’s, and later St Mary’s. He was ordained as Priest on October 28th 1993.

Inspired by his success at Codrington, he applied for and was offered a one-year full scholarship for the M.Phil. Degree in Contextual Theology, at the University of Birmingham, England. While in the UK, he assisted at the parishes of St Barnabas in Worcester, and at St Edmund’s in Birmingham. His thesis, ‘Partnership in Mission’ explored the relationship between the USPG and the CPWI and earned him the Constance Naden Medal.

In November 2000, he returned to Tobago and served at St Patrick’s and St Mary’s, while teaching at his alma mater, Bishops High School. In 2001 he was elevated to the rank of Canon- stall of St Chad. In August 2002, he was transferred to All Saints in POS Trinidad and in 2009, he retired from teaching, so as to devote his time to the Church.

A fanfare of drums and bells welcomed the 12th Bishop of the Diocese, and the fourth local to be appointed Bishop after Clive Orminston Abdulah (1970-1993), Rawle Ernest Douglin (1993-2001) and Calvin Wendell Bess (2001-2011).

k davisD.H. Kortright Davis, Ph.D., is professor of Theology at Howard University School of Divinity. He is also the Rector of Holy Comforter Episcopal Church in the District of Columbia. In addition to serving as a consultant to several other ecclesiastical bodies, Anglican dioceses, and academic institutions, he is a member of the Faith & Order Commission of the World Council of Churches.

Dr. Davis was trained for the Anglican priesthood at Codrington College in Barbados, by the Community of the Resurrection. He was ordained deacon in 1965, and priest in 1966 in the Diocese of Antigua, West Indies.

He has authored several books and chapters, and numerous articles. His list of books includes such titles as: “Emancipation Still Comin'”; “African Creative Expressions Of The Divine”; and “Can God Save The Church? Serving With Power: Reviving The Spirit Of Christian Ministry.”

Dr. Davis earned degrees from the Universities of London, Sussex, and the West Indies. His Doctor of Philosophy degree is from Sussex; and he has received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from the General Theological Seminary, New York, and St. Paul's College, Lawrenceville, Virginia.

Simmons-1eee4a143c94226fef1296ffafdac9bfThe Rev. Canon Charles W. Simmons is the Canon for Ministry in the Diocese of New York. A native of the Bahamas, Canon Simmons was educated at Loyola University, New Orleans, Codrington College, Barbados, and New College, Edinburgh. Before joining the diocesan staff, he served as Priest-in-Charge of St. Andrew’s Church, Bronx; Assistant Priest at St. Gabriel’s Church, Brooklyn; Associate Rector at St. Bartholomew’s Church, Manhattan; Honorary Associate, Old St. Paul’s, Edinburgh; and Assistant Priest, St. George’s, Nassau, Bahamas. He and his wife Sheryl have one son Charles William Edward.

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